SENAI Geraldo Alckmin technical school

SENAI Geraldo Alckmin technical school has requested SX Lighting to replace conventional luminaires used in the machining area by LED luminaires. Luminotecnic studies were carried out in order to measure the power of the luminaires to be installed. According to the developed project , the Levita SX LED Industrial Luminaire was the most suitable for the application. The main purpose of the customer with the exchange for SX LED luminaires was to obtain an improvement in lighting, taking into consideration that the environment is used for mechanical machining work, and achieve a significant energy saving due to the place continuous operation.

For this project was used the luminaire SX-LE070

The LEVITA luminaire has an excellent heat dissipation due to the use of PHILIPS midpower LED technology and in conjunction with the optical system it is obtained high uniformity of light and one of the highest luminous efficiencies on the market.


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