Commitment power

Manufacturer that was born with the commitment to integrate eco-efficient solutions in LED lighting, founded by Grupo SX with more than 12 years of tradition in industrial automation. We believe in LED strength as a symbol of energy, innovation, sustainability and technology. We also rely on the value proposal that leads us into the future: credibility, dedication and enthusiasm. It is the commitment we employ through a solution inspired by nature.

Integrated Solution

We integrate components and establish long-term partnerships with the best cost-benefit presented. Our luminaires have unique design and they are manufactured in Brazil with the tradition and quality Philips, Lumileds and Ledil, which guarantee a superior useful life for a real energy-efficiency solution.

Energy Efficiency

Nature has inspired man to produce light in a sustainable way. Our LED luminaires save up to 80% more energy compared with conventional lamps and virtually eliminates the necessity to replace them due to the longer useful life of the product.Reducing energy bill and simplifying maintenance management.

powered by SAP

The scenario required the company to improve its production, logistics and inventory management in order to keep up with the accelerate pace of growth. Therefore we chose to improve our operations with SAP.


To gain customer loyalty through its total satisfaction, establishing partnerships based on commitment and flexibility.


To be the best reference of industrial, public and commercial lighting.


Commitment, Talented Team, Purpose, Best cost benefit, Sustainability.

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