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SX-LPS105 / SX-LPP105 • 105 W

PETALA LED Street Light 105 W | Energy efficiency.  The Public Luminaires were developed with  focus on quality, practicality of use and economy through technological optimization. The SX Public LED Luminaire line uses in its power sources –drivers-the latest PHILIPS technology on the market and high power LUMILEDS LEDs with high luminous efficiency, resulting in a product with globally recognized quality.



Importante: The grounding has to be done in accordance with NBR 5410.


• Public Roadways

• Highways

• Squares and Parks

• Ports

• Parking Lots

• Condominiums

• Airport

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Technology used

The LED Street Light uses MULTILED technology, which allows a great dimensioning of its heat sinks. This technology is assembled on a printed circuit board with electrical, photometric and IES tests carried out in laboratories approved by INMETRO.

Luminous efficiency 145 lm/W - 117 lm/W

Color temperatures 3.000K | 4.000K | 5.000K | 6.500K

Working voltage 120 ~ 277V

Power factor > 0,98

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Advantages of SX-LPS105 / SX-LPP105 Luminaires

• Up to 80% energy saving

• Service life of 80 thousand hours

• 5 year warranty

• Sustainable product

• Aluminum body

• Protection rating IP66

• Dimmable

• Surge protection

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